Hello there 👋,
I'm Assurance a product designer & web developer

I have a genuine passion for inspiring design and innovative technology.

About me

I am an digital designer who delivers intuitive & functional designs for digital products and brands. I’m adept at designing for every point of user journey from ideation to execution. As the son of an industrial designer, it didn’t take me long to fall in love with design and technology.

For the last four years I’ve been behind screens, tearing apart designs & websites to discover the craft behind them.

I deeply care about honesty and transparency, it’s at the center of everything I do. My passion is building remarkable things with companies and teams who share the same care and commitment as I do. I have helped businesses and startups create exceptional solutions, memorable experiences and digital products.

I’m from Lagos, Nigeria I’m studying at the University of Greenwich in London, UK for my masters in Web Design & Content Planning.

Web design
Web Development
Product Design
Webflow Development

In my free time I love traveling, watching movies and also taking pictures of people, nature and cool things.

Here’s some of my recent shots.