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Hello there, my name is Assurance Uwangue from Lagos, Nigeria.

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Design for web content

Three designed object without css Three designed object with css Three designed object - Wordpress version Typography Classwork - The Shape of Design Three designed object - Summative task (Nov. 17th 2023) Small Business Website - Summative task (Feb. 2nd 2024) Small Business Website Post

Applied Art of the Web

My profile page Typesetting project - Summative task (Dec. 8th 2023) Film promotion Project - Summative task (Mar. 22nd 2023)

User Experience Design

UX Design and UX Research Nuggets - Summative task (Jan. 12th 2024)

Content Management

CSS Calc() Function - Summative task (Mar. 8th 2024) Seminar Slide - Summative task (Mar. 8th 2024) Small Business Website Revisited - Summative task (May. 17th 2024) Small Business Website Revisited Report - Summative task (May. 17th 2024)

SEO and Social Media

SEO and Social Media Report - www.train-spotting.co.uk (Apr. 19th 2024)

Major Project

Initial Idea (Nov. 2023)