3 Objects with Good Design

Robinson & Daughter Website

Robinson & Daughter - Small Business website Revisited
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CSS calc() Function

CSS has a special calc() function for doing basic math. The calc() function lets you perform calculations when specifying CSS property values.
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R&D Website Project

Robinson and Daughter website process
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UX Design & UX Research

User research plays a crucial role in the design process of digital products. It involves understanding the needs, behaviours, and preferences of users to create products that meet their expectations and provide exceptional user experiences...
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Airpod pro case

Apple Airpods Pro Case

The Apple AirPods case is often praised for its excellent design in terms of usability. Several key design elements contribute...
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Puma shoe

Puma slipstream trainers

The Puma Slipstream trainers, like many well-designed athletic shoes, are considered good in terms of the primary function of...
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Bread Toaster

The toaster doesn’t really need a user manual because everything about it is incredibly simple to use and intuitive...
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