R&D Website Project

Assurance Uwangue

Robinson and Daughter Website Design & Development

Designing and developing a website for Robinson and Daughter Fine Foods, a locally sourced restaurant, was an exhilarating endeavor filled with valuable learning experiences in web development and design. Here’s the process I followed to bring this project to fruition.

Branding and Design Process:

Initially, I immersed myself in comprehending the essence of Robinson and Daughter Fine Foods. Their dedication to locally sourced ingredients and exquisite dining experiences served as the catalyst for the overall design direction. Opting for a sleek and refined aesthetic was my choice to mirror the restaurant’s sophistication.

For the color palette, I embraced earthy tones like lemon green, olive green, and a warm cream color, aiming to evoke a natural and fresh ambiance that resonates with their commitment to locally sourced ingredients.

Regarding typography, I carefully selected elegant and legible fonts such as “Manrope” for headers and “Parisienne” for decorative text. This combination added a contemporary touch while ensuring readability across various devices.

Development Work:

Guided by a clear design vision, I initiated the development phase. Starting with HTML, I structured the website with semantic markup, prioritizing accessibility and responsiveness across diverse devices.

The homepage featured a captivating hero section displaying enticing images of the restaurant’s signature dishes, instantly engaging visitors. Below, I showcased top menu offerings to provide a glimpse into the essence of the business.

Utilizing CSS, I breathed life into the design, with a focus on responsiveness and user experience. Leveraging Flexbox and Grid for layout ensured a polished appearance on screens of all sizes.

Incorporating CSS transitions on links and buttons introduced subtle yet immersive effects, enriching the overall user journey. For instance, I integrated understated hover effects for buttons to offer visual feedback to users.

My Reflections:

Throughout this project, I grasped the significance of harmonizing aesthetics with functionality. While crafting visually appealing designs is crucial, maintaining usability and accessibility is paramount. Prioritizing responsive design principles from the outset guaranteed seamless functionality across a spectrum of devices.

If I were to revisit this project, I would explore incorporating additional features like a dedicated blog page and a section showcasing top-rated dishes or monthly specials to further engage visitors and enhance the website’s utility.

In conclusion, developing the website for Robinson and Daughter Fine Foods was a gratifying journey that not only refined my technical prowess but also deepened my comprehension of the nexus between design and functionality in web development. It was a voyage imbued with discovery, creativity, and a shared commitment to manifesting the restaurant’s distinctive narrative in the digital realm.

Feel free to check out my designs for this project on Figma.